Curly Girl on Transitioning Hair: Twisted Updo

 It has been 2 months since I started doing the CG method on my Transitioning Hair. I love it! I have not experienced product build up and when my hair feel dry, which is less often these days, I just spritz it with some water and add some leave in conditioner (PM conditioner) and viola! 

So, I recently subscribed to a new YouTube vlogger from Jerusalem called lanicert, and totally love her.  She did a new updo called Twisted Updo and I decided try it out because I plan to do a twist out this weekend.

Here is the video:

My Results....


  1. This is cute! As my natural hair grows, I would like to do larger/chunky twists like what you have.
    I'm going to try this out on my next set of twists.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for commenting. I love chunky twists, but still prefer the smaller size ones because I find that I can do more updo style with the small twists.


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