Chunky Twist Out on Natural Hair

When you style your hair, experimenting with different techniques make you learn what styles work for your hair and which styles do not.
In this video, I try out Chunky Twist Out. I did about 12 twists using Giovanni Direct Leave In on my hair after spritzing with Water and Aloe Vera Juice. Then I seal my ends with my Shea Aloe mix.


  1. I like the chunky twists on you. You are funny.
    I haven't permed my hair in 6 months and 90% of my hair still has relaxer on it. Can you tell me why is it taking so long for me to lose the relaxed hair?

    1. Thanks for commenting. On average, hair grows about half an inch every month. And this is if you are taking care of it outside and inside. Give it time. Some people also have slower hair growth. Another factor is shrinkage. Could it be that your new growth has a lot of shrinkage power?
      Hope this helps.


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