Thanksgiving HOTD: Twist and Curl

For Thanksgiving this year, I decided to do a Twist and Curl.  I did not wash my hair prior. Wash day is today, Black Friday, and I am clarifying with Bentonite clay. wooHooo!

Night before Thanksgiving, I set my hair by spritzing with my DIY Hair Spritz and using my Shea Aloe Butter to twist and then curl the ends with perm rods. I stretched my hair by pinning the twist rods around my head.

The results was moisturized! bouncy! very CURLY hair.  I loved how my curls clumped together. Since I wanted big hair, I decided to frizz it out a bit. Once again! I hate that the camera does not show how huge my hair is. OH well!!.. LOL!


 How did you style your hair for Thanksgiving 2013?


  1. You look really cute with that style. I need to try it.

  2. I styled my hair in a curly sock bun .....Lol!!! it was the first time I slicked my hair down, I didn't realize how curly my hair was ..

    1. Isn't natural hair amazing? New discoveries!! I have not used a sock bun before... now I am intrigued. Thanks for commenting.


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