HOTD: Cornrows and Twists

As I learn more and more about my hair, I have come to realize that "she" loves to be protected and not out too much. Last weekend, when I celebrated my one year post transitioning big chop, I had her out all weekend. It was so much fun, but I played too much in my hair.

I cannot go past a week without washing because my scalp starts itching and "she" starts being all diva like!! I normally wear my hair in twists or threaded, but this week, I decided to be more adventurous:

After cowashing my hair with Edens Bodyworks Cleansing Cowash, I applied some oil to my scalp and then moisturized my hair with Giovanni Direct Leave In.  I then twisted my hair in chunky twists.
I keep it like this for one day. To go run errands, I wore my "twisted cupcake bun"

To twist and cornrow my hair, I used my ever-so-faithful  Shea Aloe Butter, which gives me great shine and softness. I created a roll and tuck updo at the back to help protect my ends.
 Watch to see how I put the style together:
How are you styling your hair today?


  1. I love the turban cupcake style ! would need to try that

    1. Thank you so much. I will do a video tutorial showing how to do the turban cupcake. Love the name! LOL!


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