Trimming Natural Hair

Last night, I decided that it was time to trim Lil Sis's hair. The last time I trimmed her hair was in May. I don't have a set schedule as to when I trim my hair or my girls' hair. I usually go by how their ends look and feel.

How the Ends Look
I look at the ends and check to see if they are straggly looking. For Lil Sis, she never gets bushy ends, but she gets straggly ends; where the ends start thinning out. This picture above (top left) shows what I mean. For Big Sis, she gets knots of hair at her ends.  As you can see, none of us have the same characteristics when it comes to the look of our ends.

How the Ends Feel
I glide my fingers down the length of the hair. If as you do so, the hair feels smooth and then gets rough at the very ends, you might need a trim. Why did I say might? Well, the reason is because for some people, that is the charactisitics of their hair. For my hair, I can't always use this method to judge the need for trim. When my ends feel rough, I try my How to Fix Bushy Ends method.

If you try this method and it does not seem to help, trimming would be your best option.

How I Trim
I usually trim on stretched, slightly damp hair. I lightly spritz a small section of the hair with water, apply my leave-in (Giovanni Direct Leave In) , comb the hair from ends to root with a wide tooth comb, and then use a smaller teeth comb, and then clip the ends with hair shear.  Then I moisturize the hair and twist it up to keep the moisture locked in and the ends sealed.

How do you trim your hair or your little one's hair?


  1. When I was loose, I used Lil Sis's method. My twists would be really thin and raggedy on the ends. And tangly. That's how I knew it was time to trim.

    I would do regular twists on dry hair and cut until even.

    It's very easy to tell with my dreads. They also start to thin out on the ends. If I don't chop them, they simply fall of on their own.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I did not realize the locs can fall out on their own. learn something new everyday, Thanks!!


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