Adventures in Roller Setting Natural Hair

Big Sis had her 9 year old photoshoot and I wanted her hair to look really nice. She and I looked on Pinterest for pictures of different styles. As you know, lately, I make her make hairstyling choices on her hair. She wanted a roller set style. I was up to the task, although I am not an expert in roller setting.

We used Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll after sulfate-free shampooing her hair with Elasta QP Crème Conditioning Shampoo, and applying our leave in, Giovanni Direct Leave In. I moisturized her scalp with my oil mix. We used 3/4 inches (orange) and 11/16 (peach) perm rods from Sally's Beauty Store. For the ends, I used Sally's Mesh end papers. This was my first time using end papers. Woohoo!!

While I installed the perm rods, Lil Sis built castles with them.. LOL! It took about an hour and a half to install about 40 perm rods and I let Big Sis sit under the dryer for a combined 45 mins. She also air dried it overnight.
Did her hair DRY???
The middle part did not. Click to watch Instagram video.
End Results:

My Final Impression
Next time I do this style, I will use a product with more hold. Products such as a gel with my leave in conditioner. I will also try using Curlformers or Flexi rods. I find that her hair was way too much for the perm rods. I will also make sure that I give even MORE  time for drying. By the end of the day, her hair was in a pony tail and for school today, her hair was in twisted pony tails. I did like the stretch that the roller set gave her hair.
Will I do it again...


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