Washing my Mini Twists and LCO method

After 5 days of having my mini twists done, my scalp starting itching. Not sure what was causing it. The last time this happened was back in April when I had my transitioning hair cornrowed.

Instead of undoing the 3 hours of work I put into getting my hair twisted (my hands are still sore from that), I decided to just go ahead and wash my hair while it was in twists.

In the past, I have done this while I was transitioning. Read all about it here. It was a failure! I stated in that April 2012 post that I will try it again when I am fully natural. I was hoping for wonderful results.

It was worse than before!!!

I was so upset at myself that I did not even take a picture. And if you know me well, I take pictures of EVERYTHING!

Anyway, here is what I did, so if anyone can tell me what I did wrong, I will be very grateful!!

  • End of month clarifying my hair with Giovanni 50:50 Balanced Hydrating Clarifying Shampoo
  • Due to the itchiness, used Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Conditioner for my mild conditioner and scalp (left it in for 5 mins)
  • Did a 1 hour deep conditioning with Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner
After this was done, for some reason, my hair felt extra dry. Could be because I did not pre-poo.. not sure. Anywhooooo....

I decided to do some cornrows and twists. Since my ends were super dry, I used the LCO method and love the way it moisturized my hair.

Before I cornrow or twist a section, I first spritz my hair with water, apply Shea Moisture Organic Curl & Style Hair Milk and then Jamaican Black Castor Oil.


My hair felt so soft and my ends were moist! It was as if the Natural Hair Fairy God mother just sprinkled some moisture goodness on them. I was impressed!!

Here is the style:


  1. check out this video by one of the Natural hair bloggers. She suggests putting a "stocking cap" over your twist before applying the product to keep them from coming loose. Makes since, I plan on trying it once I feel my hair needs a wash. I just applied mini twists in my hair last night.


    1. Thank you SO MUCH for this video. I will attempt to do this next time I do mini twists. Please post back to let me know how it works out for you when you wash your hair.

      Happy NEW YEAR!!!


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