LOC Method vs LCO Method

Since starting this natural hair journey, I have been using the LOC Method to moisturize my hair.  It has proven to me a great way to keep my hair moisturized for a couple of days.  I would spritz my hair with water, apply some oil, and then a moisturizing cream. 
I have been reading The Science of Black Hair for a couple of weeks now and really learning a lot about how to care for my natural hair. I share lots of tips on my Facebook page (DiscoveringNatural) According to the author:
"Oils work to form an impenetrable barrier so that moisture contained within a strand stays there. The problem with oils is that any moisture that might attempt to enter the strands is kept out after they are applied"
When I read this I was like, Hold on.. What?!
From what I just read that means that when you apply your Liquid, which in my case was water, and then apply your oil, the oil seals in the moisture from the water, and then when I put my cream last, the cream would not penetrate the hair.
The birth of the LCO method
The LCO method suggests using your oil last after the cream so as to seal in the moisture from the Liquid and Cream.
I have not done this method before, but plan to experiment with this in the month of January. I will post my results.
Do any of you do the LCO method? What has been your experience?


  1. Well, just to add from my FB comment :-) oil last just always made more sense to me for the very reasons stated here. There are, however, some oils that do penetrate the hair. I've found jojoba, EVOO & grapeseed to do so but everyone has different experiences. Good stuff lady... Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks. I really appreciate your comments. Here and on Facebook. I am learning a lot from all you ladies.

      Let me add to the penetrating oil list: Avocado oil.

  2. I posted on the LOC method a while back and could never figure out what I would use for the (C) then I finally realized I had been using the L.C.O Method the entire time. I didn't make a big deal about it because I was successful with it so I have stuck with it since the start of my daughters' natural hair journey. (L)- Water (C)-Leave-in (O)-Grapeseed Oil. The only thing I've ever changed was the leave-in (I'm always trying to find the best to fit the mold, lol).


    1. That is quite interesting. I have not used Grapeseed oil in a long time. For the C, I have used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

  3. I always apply an oil after applying a moisturizer (sometimes water before moisturizer). It seems to keep my hair moisturized onger.

  4. I have been natural for more than two years and just heard about LOC just bought Cantu shea butter and argan oil with the intention of trying this method. Now you have just thrown a monkey wrench into my whole plans : )
    Initially I was looking for the grapeseed oil but Sallys didn't have it so I got Argan. Are you saying that if I use that oil I can still do LOC method?

    Thanks so much for help !


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