Hand in Hair Syndrome

What is Hand in Hair (HIH) Syndrome?
Hand in Hair Syndrome is a condition where a person is constantly playing in their hair, by pulling, twirling, twisting it. This condition can cause hair loss, known as, Trichotillomania. This behavior can be a form of stress release for people and for others especially transitioners, they do this due to the fascination of the newness of their natural hair.

Big Sis has this issue on the back left side of her hair. When I asked her why she does it, she told me that it helps her feel relaxed. I can tell if she has had a hectic day at school if she starts to twirl her hair when telling me about how her day was.

What can you do to stop this behavior?
  • Know the reason why you do it
If you know the reason why you do what you do, this can help you out. For Big Sis, she does it when she feels overwhelmed.

  • Modify your hairstyle, wear protective styles
When hair is left out, there is tendency to play in it. Try changing your hairstyle to a protective style. Hide it away! Out of sight is out of mind, right?

  • Look for other ways to occupy your fingers
 Like any other compulsive behaviors, if you find other ways to reduce the stimuli that causes the behavior it can help you stop such behaviors.

  • Therapeutic help
If you have tried everything and still continue the behavior and it is starting to affect your life style, you should see a theraphist that can provide techniques to stop the HIH syndrome.

Additional Help
Here is a link to 50 ways to stop the behavior: http://www.trich.org/treatment/50WaystoStopl.html
Good Luck to you all!!


  1. I have been profusely picking my eyebrows when I get stressed. It's a little painful, but I do it anyway. It's not really a huge deal because I have thick eyebrows, though.


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