Sunday, April 29, 2012

Co-washing my Twists

Last week, I saw a YouTube video where a lady co-washed her two strand twists, and after doing so, her twists were still intact.  So, I was curious to try this method, even though, I did not have much confidence that it will work with my two textures.  The lady was natural. Here is my journey into the unknown...

I diluted some TRESemmé Natural, Nourishing Moisture Conditioner and water in an application bottle. Recently, when I shampoo or co-wash my hair or the girls' hair, I always use the application bottle filled with the shampoo/condition and water mixture. I find it much easier and more penetrating to reach the scalp. 

I saturated my twisted hair with water, and proceeded poured the conditioner mixture onto my scalp. Then, I massaged my scalp gently. Using cold water to rinse my hair helped to close my hair cuticles. This cold water rinse helps to make my hair more shinier, softer, and sleeker.

After the rinse, I dried my hair with a clean T-shirt.  My hair was so soft and tangle free, thanks to my newest favorite conditioner, TRESemmé Natural.  If you have not tried this product, please do... I cannot rave about it enough. I used a dollop of the conditioner as my leave-in, and smeared it all over my hair, making sure to concentrate on my new growth.

I don't think at the stage of my transition, co-washing my hair while it is still in two strands twists will work.  By the time I finished washing my hair, part of my twists have already started unraveling. The new growth part actually stayed intact, so, I will DEFINITELY be revisiting this when I am fully natural.

Okay, back to styling.  Since I couldn't rock my twists any more, I decided to bantu knot my hair.  This will be the second time I have done this.  For each section, I massaged some jojoba oil onto my scalp, then applied a mixture of Shea Moisture Curl Enhanced Smoothie and Eco Styler Gel (Krystal). 

End Results

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