Monday, April 2, 2012

HairChemistry: Protein Sensitivity

What is Protein Sensitivity?
Protein Sensitivity is what happens when a person uses protein in their hair, and their hair appears to be dull, dry and brittle even though the protein treatment was suppose to make their hair soft.  This reaction to protein can appear after the person uses any products that contains protein. This sensitivity to protein can also make the hair more prone to breakage.

Are you truly protein sensitive?
Now, if you are experiencing the symptoms listed above, be very careful not to immediately think that your hair is protein sensitive.  Some of the protein sensitive-like symptoms you might be experiencing might be due to overloading on protein. Now, what is overloading on protein? Let say, you washed your hair, and applied a protein treatment, then after that you applied yet another protein conditioning.  Your hair might be overloaded with protein, causing it to feel straw-like.  On the other hand, let say no matter how much moisturizing you do, after applying a product that contains protein, your hair still appears dull, dry, and brittle, then, it is likely that you are protein sensitive. 

Remember, protein is suppose to help hair.  It is suppose to help hold the moisture that our hair craves. However, if your hair is experiencing protein sensitivity like symptoms, check the ingredients of your hair products; shampoo, conditioners, and stylers. Try to use products that do not contain protein, and see if your hair stops negatively reacting.

Here are a list of Protein ingredients that are in shampoo, conditioners, and stylers:
  • hydrolyzed protein
  • wheat protein
  • soy beans
  • keratin
  • amino acids
  • some yeast extracts such as Brewers yeast
  • grains extracts
  • Irish moss
For a more comprehensive list of ingredients in hair products, visit this website.

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