Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday Fun: 1 Broken Bracelet + 1 Glue Gun = 2 New Accessories

Over the years, I have bought a lot of bracelets. In the past, if one of these bracelets break, I just throw it away and buy another one. Well, I have decided to start repurposing my broken bracelets.

Here is how I took one broken bracelet and turned it into a ring and a hair accessory

You will need:

Broken bracelet or necklace with different decorative beads
Ring band
Glue gun

Step One: Seperate the decorative beads and charms by cutting off the thread that connects them.

Step Two: Assemble each of the beads and charms for easy access.  Determine which part you will use for the ring and the headband

Making the ring: I choose to use this beautiful bracelet charm.

Making a horizontal ring

Step One: Using the glue gun, put some glue on the ring band.

Step Two: Attach the decorative charm, horizontally on the ring band. Hold against the ring band for a couple of seconds.

Here is the result

Making a vertical ring

Step One: Using the glue gun, put some glue on the center of the decorative charm.

Step Two: Attach the ring band to the charm. Hold against the charm for a couple of seconds.

Here is the result

Making the headband accessory

Step One: Arrange the beads and decorative charms how you would like them to look.

Step Two: Apply a little glue to the area where the first bead would be placed

Step Three:  Put the beads or charms on the glue area and press hard for a couple of seconds.  Repeat Step One to Three until you are done arrange each bead or charm.


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