Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The 3 Phases of Long Term Transitioning

As you all know, I am transitioning from relaxed to natural by not doing the "Big Chop" and just letting my hair grow, while trimming the relaxed ends every 2 months.  I am in the process of entering my 6th month of transition. *Yeah!

I found a video on YouTube that gives a good explaination of the 3 phases of Long Term Transition.  Here is the breakdown of the three phases:

Phase 1: New Growth (0-6 months post relaxer)

Phase 2: Protective Styling (6-12 months post relaxer)

Phase 3: Blending (12+ months post relaxer)

Thanks to the LHDC-TV Channel for this video!


  1. I love this video, your comments are so true and so down to earth. I love it! lol the tiny voice over cracked me up, this is very entertaining.

    1. Thanks. I love Nik Scotts' YouTube videos.. she is very knowledgeable about long term transitioning.