Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Letting other people handle your hair

Since I started transitioning, I have always done my hair by myself. I really do enjoy doing my hair, even though at times, it can be quite tiring.  I have this fear of letting other people handle my hair because of the current fragile state of my hair.  So, when my friend offered to cornrow my hair, I was a little bit nervous, but I agreed. 

First of all, I don't comb my hair when styling it.  I usually finger detangle my hair and then style it. As I do each twist, cornrow, or braid, I unknot any tangled hair.  This works well for me, and helps reduce so much breakage.

Before you allow anyone to do your hair, you should tell them how to handle your transitioning hair.  I made sure to tell my friend that I did not want her to comb my hair.  Whenever, she encounted a knot, she tried to undo it, or she let me undo it myself.  Yes, it took WAY longer than it should have but I was happy about the experience and the results.


  1. Love this style on you. Too cute. Your necklace is cute too.

    1. Thanks! I love the hairstyle.. very low maintenance.