Mid-week Braid Out

I decided to do a braid out today ....for the first time. I have a hate-and-love relationship with first time styling. You never know how it will turn out.  So, I was feeling quite excited when I started taking my braids down and saw that the curl effect created by the braids was POPPING!  I didn't do much moisturizing since yesterday morning, I had sprayed my hair with Aloe Vera Juice and Water, then applied my oil mix, and then Shea Butter, making sure to seal my ends. Basically, a LOC method, ideal for moisturizing.

So, this morning, I pour a little bit of oil on my palm and ran it through my braids.  I then proceeded to unbraiding, gently, so as not to create so much frizz.  After unbraiding, I sleeked on side by spray a little bit of my Aloe Vera Juice and Water mix, and then applying some Eco Styler gel to it. I used my hands and a soft boar bristle brush to smoothen the edges.  I normally do not use gel on my edges, but now, I am IN LOVE!!.  =)

Here is the results.

Sleeked side with Eco Styler Gel

I love the Shine!


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