Wrapping Natural Hair with Jane Carter Wrap and Roll

Wrapping Natural Hair Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll

Last wash day, I decided wrap my hair with the Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll. Read more about my experience here. Well, my reasoning was that it is a wrapping product, so I was expecting EXCELLENT results.

This was not so.

My hair was stiff and dry.

Wrapping Natural Hair Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll
My hair actually stood like this on its own
I had so much breakage from detangling it and I was at the point of tears! It took me nearly 2 hours to detangle my hair and re-moisturize it.

Wrapping Natural Hair Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll

To moisturize it, I spirtz my hair with some water, added Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Heavy Cream, which is excellent for dry and coarse hair, and then sealed with my DIY SheaAloe Butter. I then twisted my hair into Bantu Loops.

Bantu Loops Natural Hair DiscoveringNatural
I was exhausted, but glad that it was over. My hair is now moisturized and ready for a twistout for church this morning. Probably going to wash out the Jane Carter solution product because I don't know what other damage it will do to my hair if left in for a long time. SORRY, HAIR! 


  1. What a horrible experience!! Why didn't you choose to instantly cowash, get the product out of your hair, and detangle?? Seems like that would have saved you time and hair.

    1. I was just trying to see what I could salvage, LOL! #LessonLearnt

  2. That is what I was going to ask...

  3. Discovering Natural,

    Sorry that you had a negative experience with Wrap & Roll. Just to give some context of the product and it's initial intended usage, perhaps it will shed some light on the situation. When this product was developed (over 10 years ago), wearing your hair straight was on the rise and Jane created this product for the "doobie" hair style in mind. It is designed to smooth the hair's cuticle, give light hold, shine, and help smooth the ends of the hair over rollers. It also cuts drying time substantially. Since the market has changed and many customers wear their hair natural now, there have been many new discoveries about how this product can compliment natural styles. Many customers like to put it under the styling product for wash and go's or to revive their second day hair. Some like to use it to smooth their roots and ends for braid outs, bantu knots and flexi-rod sets. I've honestly never seen/heard a customer wrap their natural hair and, I suppose this wasn't the intended result. I would probably recommend a creamy leave in, to attempt this style in the future, like our Creamy Leave In Styling Smoother. We do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and recommend a different use for this product.
    Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

    Thanks for your honesty.


    JCS Team

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for writing back to explain how the product, Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll, should be used. If you have visited my channel, DiscoveringNatural, you will know that I love to be adventurous and provide my viewers with easy solution to caring for their natural hair. That is why I started trying out wrapping natural hair. It was a fun process, I must say. However, I guess the name of the product was the one that gave me the notion that I could use it to wrap my hair. I will look into your other product and see if it works better in doing this same step.

      Thanks again and have a wonderful day,
      - Sola


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