Wash Day Dairy: You Still Need to Clarify | Sept 26th 2014

Bentonite Clay Natural Hair
My Wash day setup!!
A lot of people that cowash do not always remember to clarify. Even though some cowash conditioners are labeled as cleansing cowash, I still feel that it is necessary to clarify your hair.  Don't know what clarifying is and what its benefits are... Watch this:

My hair has been feeling a little gunky with all the oils and products I have been using for the past 4 days, so I decided to bring out my boo, Bentonite Clay!! Yeah!!

I had run out of Aloe Vera Juice, so I decided to mix the clay with just Apple Cider Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It seemed to be ok, although I do miss the soothing smells of peppermint and lavender from my usual mixture.

This is what my hair looked like afterwards

I rinsed off the clay in the shower, but did it differently. I wet my hair briefly with warm water then massaged my scalp to lift up any build up and cleanse my scalp, then working in section, thoroughly washed out the clay. I then spritz my hair with my Black Tea Rinse and used my fingers to comb the rinse into my hair to make sure it saturated each strand, then applied my moisture-rich conditioner SheaMoisture Superfruit conditioner into my hair. Covered hair with plastic cap and a towel. Leave on for 30 mins.

SHINY CLEAN HAIR...with curls popping!

My thoughts
My hair is okay with just bentonite clay, ACV and EVOO!

** I will be resuming protecting my hair more this fall season, here is my style for the week
Natural Hair Protective Styles
Hair was styled using
Moringa Oil from MoringaConnect


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