Receding Hairline in Natural Hair

Receding hairline does not only affect men, but also women. This condition can be genetic so I was not surprised when I have been noticing that my hair has been receding similar to how my father's hairline is. I needed to know what I can do to help rectify this problem.

Here is the beginning of my receding hairline journey.

For the year, 2014, one of my main hair goals is to grow more hair along the problematic areas.  Here is my action plan:

  1. Proactively apply hair growth oils such as Castor Oil, Lavender Oil and/or Nubian Heritage Grow and Strengthen Treatment Masque 
  2. Massage the area diligently.
  3. Moisture this area after washing my face; morning and night.
  4. Do not use brushes along my edges, use my fingers instead
  5. Avoid the use of bonnets that are tight along my edges

If all fails, then style to hide problem.. =(... LOL!


  1. I totally agree about the bonnets, I left using them years ago before going natural because I found they chewed up my edges back then. Good luck on your edge journey.

  2. My edges are the same as yours, thanks for this really helpful post!

  3. Please, can you help me with styles that can hide the edges, i have my dad's hair line just like you, and choosing a wedding hairstyle is tough knowing i dont have full front hair. thanks.

  4. im 14 yrs old u think u can help me?


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