How I Trim my Natural Hair

Trimming your natural hair can be a bit confusing, if you do not get it professionally done. Do you trim it while wet? Do you trim it while dry? Do you trim it when loose and free? Do you trim it when twisted? Do you ... Do you trim it while threaded? Do you... Do you...?


I have never got my hair professionally trimmed, but for all these years, I have always trimmed my hair and my daughters' hair myself. One day, we will get it done professionally, but for now, this is how I do it.

Step 1:
I make sure I saturate my hair with a conditioner to keep it soft and a bit damp. I then proceed to combing it from ends to root with a wide tooth comb.

Step 2
I use a fine tooth comb ONLY on the ends of my hair to remove any stubborn knots.

Step 3
Then, I feel my hair and trim off as much as I feel is needed. Usually, you will be able to tell where the trimming needs to occur when combing with the fine tooth comb because you will feel a tight snag.


Final Look.... Yeah ! I have a Heart shaped afro!!

After I washed my hair, here is a close up of my natural hair.

For a step by step video, here is a video I did early 2013.

How do you trim your natural hair?


  1. Great overall post (love that you do videos also!). I am a fan of dusting my hair often (some say Im scissors happy hehehe but I love healthy looking ends!)

    Rozlyn P.

    1. Thank you so much. When I detangle my hair and see any knots that I can't unravel, that is when I get scissors happy. LOL!

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