One Week Report: Garlic and MSM Supplement


Last week in one of my blog posts, I mentioned how I had noticed more shedding and breakage in my hair. After much research, I started to take at least a teaspoon of raw garlic to help reduce the shedding.

Garlic helps to regenerate cells and is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It also contains sulfur and the allicin which helps in reducing shedding.

Now, why am I taking MSM Supplements? Well, two months ago, I attended a 2 hour Zumba Fitness class at my local gym. At the end of the class, I noticed I had some pain in the back of my left foot, it was Achilles Tendinitis. I underwent some treatment and it felt a little better, but then I started experiencing a bit of joint pains, I was informed to add MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to my daily vitamin supplements. I have been taking them twice a day now and I must say, my joints feel a bit better.

After researching MSM, I found out that not only does it help in joint aches and pains,  it also increases hair growth potential by lengthening the growth phase (anagen phase) of the hair cycle. Although MSM, which is also a form of sulfur, can be found in food such as milk, onions, garlic and green vegetables, some of us need more direct way of getting the components that this supplement provides. Click here to learn more about MSM and Hair Growth

Any Changes In My Hair Since Using Garlic?

Since I was wearing a protective style for the past week, the only difference I noticed when I undid my cornrow/twists style was that there was less breakage. I still had some shedding since I actually had the style in for 2 weeks. I will keep on doing the daily garlic intake and report back in 2 more weeks to see if the amount of shedding decreased.

January 16th - January 23rd


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