How To Keep Your Afro Soft and Moisturized

Quick Question: "Why do people wear a comb on the back of their #afro?"
Answer: Because they are constantly picking their fro to help it grow out. So they stick it in their hair instead of putting it in their pocket.
Thought you might enjoy that little tidbit of information. Now on to Today's blog post.

When it comes to keeping your afro soft and moisturized, there are 4 basic ways of doing this.


Moisturize Regularly

Keep your hair moisturized regularly using either the LOC or LCO method. Don't know what the LOC method is? Well the acronym stands for Liquid Oil and Cream. or you can try the LCO method (acronym is similar). Either of these methods has proven effective in keeping natural hair moisturized. For more info on how to moisturize natural hair, watch the video below

Seal in that Moisture

I can not stress enough the necessity of sealing the moisture you have put in your hair.  This process helps you lock in the moisture and keep your hair moisturized longer. Retaining moisture is key when you don't want to walk around with a dry looking afro. You can use either a thick oil or butter to perform this process

Try Baggying
First of all what is Baggying?  Bagging hair is the process of keeping your hair moisturized without the process of washing it. It requires you to apply essential oils to your hair and covering your head with a plastic cap. You can also apply some conditioner or just lightly spritz your hair with a mixture of water and aloe vera juice. Use the bagging method to keep the moisture in when you are not outdoors

Proactive Moisturizing
If you find your hair drying during the day, spritz it lightly with some moisturizing hair spritz. This process is known as "Proactive Moisturizing". Natural hair is "naturally" dry because of the structure of the hair. The curves and coily nature of our hair does not effectively allow oils from our scalp (sebum) to travel up the shaft of her hair well. This issue causes our ends to appear and even feel dry. When your proactively moisturize your afro during the day, it helps in retaining that moisture that is absorbed by the elements. Watch below to see how to create a moisturizing hair spritz.

How do you keep your Afro soft and moisturized?


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