Blow Drying Natural Hair : Big Sis 1st Experience

Quick Disclaimer: Constant heat on natural hair can damage this hair and cause irreversible consequences.

It's a New Year ... with new experiences...

Big Sis wanted a blow out and Mommy was up to the job.

I started off by giving her a 15 minutes Protein Treatment using Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner. The purpose for this was to strengthen her hair for the heat that blow drying can put on natural hair.

Followed up with shampooing her hair with Elasta QP Crème Conditioning Shampoo.

After this, I used the III Sisters of Nature, Once a Week Nourishing Treatment as a deep treatment for 8 mins. This was our first time using this product that promises to repair dry and damaged hair and strengthen hair.

This product left her hair very soft. I had watched lots of not so positive reviews on YouTube and was expected a negative reaction, but her hair LOVED this products. WooHoo!!

I sectioned her hair into 4 quadrants, and going from quadrant to quadrant, I started off by moisturizing her scalp with my oil mix. Then, I moisturized her hair with Curls Blissful Lengths Kukinut Oil Elixir, a product filled with great oils to strengthen and moisturize dry hair, and to protect hair from over processing during heat processing.

Of course, we had to top that off with our favorite moisturizing leave in conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave In.

Per quadrant, I had about 4 chunky twists.

I let her hair air dry till it was about 60-70% dry.

Blow Drying time!!

I untwisted one chunky two strand twist, then taking one of the strand, I generously applied Grapeseed Oil and used the tension method to blow dry that section.

Source: Healthy Hair Journey

Vidal Sassoon 1875-Watt Full-Size Hair Dryer
on LOW - WARM setting

Here is a short demonstration on how we did the Tension Method

After blow drying the section, I apply some of my DIY Shea Aloe Butter and twisted it up to keep it stretched.

I love the shine and sheen that the grapeseed oil gave her hair.

We followed up by trimming her ends, which needed to be done. 

Do you blow dry your natural hair? What is your method?


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  2. Vidal 1875 is quite a good dryer which everyone would love to possess. Though I will not term it as best hair dryer out there but I have used it sometime back and it solved the purpose it was meant to but took little longer.


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