Transitioning Styles that WORK!


Styling can be such a struggle when dealing with two textures of hair. Your relaxed ends can prevent a beautiful style from turning out well. While transitioning, I struggled a lot with my twist outs but my braid outs always comes out perfect.  However, now that I am natural, my twists outs come out nice and I am still working on my braid outs.

Failed twist outs. Look at those Relaxed Ends. (pics from my Instagram page: DiscoveringNatural)

What styles work well while Transitioning?

Cornrows Braid Out


Roll N Tuck

Braid Out

Bantu Knot Out

Flat Twist Out

Some other styles that work are roller sets, buns, and using extensions. While transitioning, I never used extensions because I didn't want to deal with my edges getting damaged and breaking.

For all my transitioning pictures, click here.


  1. Yes, just lovely. Lots of inspiration just from checking outs your spots. Keep the posts transition hair is very similar to yours. Goin on 10 months. Thanks a bunch

    1. *Clapping!!* Keep it up. I only lasted till 1 year and....17 days. But I could have gone longer, I was just done and anxious to be fully natural. Glad I did on my term and my time.

      If you ever have any questions, please either direct tweet me or post on my Facebook page (DiscoveringNatural).

      Have a Happy New Year and Happy Transitioning!!


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