My Hair

This page showcases my journey in picture from relaxed to natural. All the hair styles were created by me. For Tutorials, go to DiscoveringNatural YouTube channel.
December 2011

12/1/2011:    Relaxed hair

12/14/2011: Two strands twist out
 12/18/2011: Two strands twist out+bangs.
12/18/2011: Black beanie .

12/20/2011: Two strands twist out with using banana clip


12/20/2011 Two strands twist out - banana clip

12/31/2011: My first wash and go

January 2012
1/1/2012: Growth check: 2 inches of new growth

1/1/2012: First Cornrow style

1/4/2012:  Cornrow - out (Front view)

1/4/2012: Cornrow-out (Back view)

1/18/2012: Curl Pattern

1/18/2012: Two strands Twist to the one side (FRONT view)

1/18/2012: Two strands Twist to the one side (BACKview)

1/18/2012: Two strands twist to two sides

1/22/2012: Bun using banana clip

1/22/2012: New Growth

1/22/2012: Vertical cornrows with single braids

 2/1/2012: 1940 Pinup

Appearance of curl pattern

2/3/2012: Three brushed cornrows

2/16/2012: (Left) Fuller twist out of two strands
(Right) Tighter curls from twist out

2/18/2012: Bantu Knots out

2/22/2012: Classic Bun

2/26/2012: Cornrows with two-strand twists using ORS Twist and Lock Gel

3/10/2012: FAILED Twist 'n Curl (TnC)

3/10/2012: PLAN B: French Twist with Claw and Side Curly bangs

4/10/2012: Slanted Cornrows braided by my friend

4/20/2012: 5 chunky braids out using Moroccan Argan Oil Eco Styler Gel

4/23/2012: After washing with Tresemme Natural Conditioner

 4/24/2012: Two strand Twists Side Pony with Eco Styler Gel Moroccan Argan Oil

4/27/2012: Bantu Knot out with Tresemme Naturals Conditioner + Shea Moisture CES mixed with Eco Styler Gel Krystal

5/7/2012: Cornrows and Mini Twists using Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14 in 1 and ORS Twist and Lock Gel

5/17/2012: Braided Bantu Knot Out with Coconut oil

End of Day 5/17.2012: So done with the Braided Bantu Knot Out turn into low inverted bun

5/18: My Best Twist and Curl with Modified SMCES

 5/27: Twist out with Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer

6/3: Cornrows and Twists

7/1: Gelled Front and Twist Out back

7/8: Gel with Faux Bun

 8/2: Twisted Updo

8/5: Curly Puff with a Pompadour

8/10: Flat twists on Wet Hair

8/24: Video Tutorial:Roll and Tuck Style (less than 5 mins to do)

9/12/2012: Nearly Two Weeks, Restyled Same Mohawk Style

9/15/2012: Video Tutorial: Curly Twisted Mohawk

9/16/2012: Pompadour Mohawk

9/20/2012: Workout hairstyle

9/21/2012: Moisturized and Sealed

9/22/2012: Twist out with Relaxed Ends protected
9/24/2012: Post Avocado Protein Treatment Bun

10/5/2012: Flat Twist out

10/13/2012: Slicked Bantu Knots

10/28/2012: Twisted Updo

11/10/2012: Fluffy Cocoon Curls


11/17/2012: My Big Chop

11/20/2012: My Hair Textures

11/22/2012: Twist Out using Generic PM The Conditioner and Eco Styler

11/26/2012: Twist Out using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Eco Styler

11/27/2012: Flat Twist with beanie

11/30/2012: First Afro Puff on Natural Hair 

12/4/2012: Flat Twist Out with Scarf Flower
12/8/2012: Twist Out using products in layers

12/12/2012: Wash N Go with Cashmere Curl and Cashmere Curl Jelly with Kinky Curl Knot Today

12/14/2012: Braid Out with Cashmere Curl and Cashmere Curl Jelly with Giovanni Direct Leave In

12/17/2012: 1 Month Post Big Chop (13 months growth)

12/20/2012: Twist out using Shea Butter

12/25/2012: Mini Twists

1/6/2013: Twistout with a side of Cornrows

1/17/2013: 2 Month Growth Post Transistioning Big Chop


1/27/2013: 5 Minutes Quick Style on Short Hair

1/29/2013: Bentonite Clay Treatment

1/31/2013: Mini Twists Bantu Knots Out

2/2/2013: Roll and Tuck with a side of Twist Out

2/5/2013: Professional Bun Style for Short Natural Hair

2/10/2013: Twist out

2/17/2013: Twist N Curl (3 months post TBC)

2/20/2013: Flat Twist Bangs and Buns

2/22/2013: Afro Style

2/24/2013: Triple Rolls

2/25/2013: Flat Twists in Front, Bantu Knots in Back

3/11/2013: Flat Twist Out

3/12/2013: Afro Puff

3/13/2013: Dry Bantu Knot Out

3/14/2013: Twists and Pompadour; All Twisted up

3/27/2013: Small Bantu Knots
3/29/2013: Split in the Middle Bantu Knot Out
3/30/2013: Bantu Loops
3/31/2013: Side Swoop Bantu Loops Out (2nd day hair)
4/4/2013: Protected Braids in Turban Scarf
4/7/2013: Braid Out on Small Braids
4/14/2013 : Roll and Pin Puff
4/21/2013: Twist out using Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Tamanu Grow and Strengthen Treatment as styler and oil mix containing Vegetable Glycerin
4/23/2013: Wash n Go using Shea Moisture CES and Eco Styler
5/3/2013: Rope Twist Out; I got 3 day hair from this.. could have got more.
5/15/2013: Flat Twist Out with Bantu Knots at end
5/25/2013: ThreadOut Style
5/26/2013: Chunky Twist Out with bangs
5/29/2013 : Flat Twist Out with Perm Rods
6/2/2013: Quick Hairstyle - Summer Beach Curls
6/4/2013: Havana Twists
6/7/2013: Top Bun with Havana Twists
7/2/2013: Upside down Updo
7/6/2013: Bantu Knots turn into Twists Out
7/13/2013: Frizz BIG twist out.. great for hot day.
Low Braided Bun
Quick Style
Chunky Braid Out with Bangs
Frizzy Twists Bun
 8/10/2013: Cornrows and Twists
8/28/2013: Coils updo
9/17/2013: 10 months post Big Chop

 9/20/2013: Flat Twists with TwistOut Roll and Tuck using Shea-Aloe Custard
Sleeked Side Pony Tail


This style was achieved using the Summer Beach Curls method (video on DiscoveringNatural Youtube channel)

 Day 3 twist out
 using the Pineapple Method
High puff using Obia Natural Curl Enhancing Custard

Workout Hairstyle

Naked hair - October 2013

Hair Growth - Jan 2013 - Aug 2013

Chunky Twist Out - Nov 9th 2013

How to get a defined twistout using the Fanning Method

12/7/2013: Nzuri Hair Festival HOTD

12/12/2013: Holiday Hair


12/25/2013: Merry Christmas

Quick 2 mins hairstyle

Side Twisted Bun

January 2014

Double Layer Bun

Chunky Flat Twist

Chunky Twist out

Snail Pompardour

Feb 8th 2014 : Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk and Gel

Feb 15th 2014: Cornrows and Twists

March 27th 2014: Chunky TwistOut with Permrods


  1. love the style and this page and hope the transitions works out good. I have actually learn t few things from this block so thanks u. Another question, i recently purchased an apple cider vinegar for a totally different purpose and was wondering if i can add a dash into the water when am washing my hair?

    1. Thank you so much. I love writing and learning about new ways to improve the health of my hair, even while transitioning.

      Regarding Apple Cider Vinegar (APV) and using it as a rinse, this is a very good purpose. It should be used after shampooing your hair. When you are done shampooing, rinse your hair, then apply the diluted APV (about 1/3 cup of APV with 1 quart of distilled water) to your hair. Leave it for a couple of seconds, and then rinse your hair with cold water. Don't do this daily, maybe once week... but listen to your hair to see how it responses. This rinse helps to remove product build up, strengthens the hair and also add shine to the hair.

      Let me know how you like it.

    2. You did a fantastic job of transitioning from the relaxer. I can tell that over time you had a chance to practice styling you hair. That is the best part of transitioning IMO. Your hair is beautiful just the way it is meant to be. :) Locko

    3. Good sharing, yes, apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to boost metabolism, blocks the body’s storage of dietary fat plus breaks down and dissolves existing body fat. A study at Australia’s University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoon of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels. Read more at:

  2. I really love your blog. I have learned a lot by reading your posts. I am very new into transitioning from a realaxer to natural hair, it has only been 6 weeks since my last relaxer, but we have to start somewhere right? My hair is collar bone length. Right now I am having a problem with moisture, my hair is so dry. When you did the co-wash, did you find that your moisutre level was higher, lower, or remained the same?

    1. Thank you and welcome to the world of transitioning to natural hair. My first co-wash ever was with V05 ( My hair hated it! It tangled up my hair so much. However, I just found a conditioner that works great (Tresemme Naturals). It not only detangle my hair, but also helped in retaining moisture. I used it as a leave it and the level of moisture was much higher. Give it a try. Something else that helped me in the earlier part of my journey was bagging. I also just started spritzing my hair with a mix of Water, Glycerine, and Jojoba, every other day, and it keeps my new growth soft and moist.

  3. So glad I came across your blog. I love your braided styles, only if I could braid...

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog. It took me several tries to get the braiding technique right. Practise makes perfect ;) I will check out your blog.

  4. Vanessa
    I really enjoyed your blog and think you have done an amazing job. I like the info, tips and the hair gallery and wish i could stop applying these harsh chemicals to my hair and go au natural. I have a very thick rubber-like textured hair and easily get dry no matter the amount of moisturizers i apply. It is constantly shedding and breaks from the root. What products can i use to help the breakage?

    1. Thank you. I always tell people that sometimes it is not the amount of moisturizers you are apply that makes a difference, but the way you apply the products. Have you tried the LOC method to help with the dryness? Here is the info on LOC method:

      To help with the breakage, make sure that you are not manipulating your hair too much. Also, only comb when your hair is wet or damp, never dry. If you can, go combless.

      You can try using Shea Moisture Anti Breakage Masque, and do a good deep conditioning session after each wash. Be sure to make sure your hair is not lacking protein.

  5. Such a beautiful confident women... I'm inspired to work
    on staying natural... I have been for about six months and my scalp feel better!


    1. Thank you, Bromee. I am so proud of you for sticking to it so far. Your hard work is definitely paying off. Just keep on doing what you are doing and before you know it you will be at your goal.

  6. My darling sister, its good to see you online. How are you? Funny enough I stumbled on your blog while trying to fine a style to do with my natural hair this weekend. Its short not up to a bond yet, and the twist thing doesn't seem to work. But I see the things you did, so I'll try one of them this weekend and keep you posted. Anyways, take care, hope you are doing okay.

    1. Hey girl, Long time! I hope you find a cute style. Can you do flat twists? You can do a twist out with that one? If you venture to my side of town, I could help you out. I also have some video tutorials on Youtube, and will be adding to that. My Channel address on Youtube is:

  7. my daugther is five months, can i use it for her

    1. Happy New Year. What product are you referring to?

  8. hola soy de colomdia de santander de quilichao cauca me gusta muchos tus peinado casi me lo echos todo quisiera saber si no me puedes enviarme unos productos del cabello es que aca no se consigen gracias chao no hablas español deverias hacer videos en español gracias

  9. Hi, I wish I stumbled on dis blog b4 2day. I wld hv carried my transitioning hair 4 a while longer b4 my BC which I had yday. Pls, I'll need ur help with prdts I can use n 4 what styles like d twists, twist outs and all that. Pls what can u advice a beginner like moi?

    1. Thank you so much. Check out this article:

      When it comes to products, you have to do a bit of trial and error. Experimenting is key. You can also check out my Youtube page for Product Reviews.

  10. I love this its a documentation of you transition to natural hair.

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