QOTD: Why is my new growth so dry?

I was on my favorite hair forum earlier this week, and the question that a lot of transitioners were asking was:

        Why is my new growth so dry?

While transitioning, you are dealing with two different textures of hair: Your relaxed ends and your new growth.

Most of the time, the relaxed ends are much softer and feel more moisturized than the new growth.  This is because the new growth, your natural hair, requires more effort in keeping it moisturizeded. With my hair, I have been able to successfully keep the dryness at bay by properly moisturizing my hair (new growth and relaxed ends).

The method I use to moisturize my hair is the LOC method. I was lucky to have found this method earlier in my transitioning journey. The LOC method basically means applying products in the following steps: (L)iquid - (O)il - and (C)ream.  Read more about this by clicking here.

If you find that by doing the LOC method, your hair still feels dry, look at the ingredients of your hair products. You might want to replace your sulfate shampoo with sulfate free shampoos, such as Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo. You can also wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Also, make sure that you are deep conditioning and applying a moisturizing leave in product after each wash session.

Another important step that is sometimes forgotten is the night routine, ALWAYS COVER YOUR HAIR WHILE SLEEPING, with a satin or silk bonnet, or sleep with a satin pillowcase. This is because cotton pillowcase can absorb the moisture from your hair.

How do you deal with dryness when it comes to your transitioning/natural hair?


  1. I never dealt with dryness during my transition because I kept my hair at an ideal protein-moisture balance. A lot of transitioners think that relaxed hair is the only hair that needs protein, and it's just not true for everyone.
    There is value in including both in your regimen and adding more or less of each as your hair responds.
    Just my 2 cents!


    1. Yes, you are right about the ideal protein-moisture balance. Any words of advice for our Protein sensitive sisters?

  2. I have nominated you for versatile blogger award

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