Natural Dryer and Sunglasses

This weekend was so busy for me that most of the time I felt as if I was on "fast forward". Between taking the girls to their soccer games, with a 3 hour interval in between the games, I got my fair share of sun. It was H-O-T.  After Lil Sis's soccer game, I went back home, spritzing my new growth with some water mixed with leave in conditioner and castor oil, applied some Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer, and two strand twisted my hair.  *** CROSSED my fingers *** and prayed that my hair dried before my hangout time with friends in the evening.

While, Big Sis played her game, and Lil Sis ran around with her little friends, the natural dryer AKA "Sun" did its magic.
On another note, do you know that sunglasses can be quite dangerous to your hair along your ear area. Who would have thought of it?  I got new shades some time ago and decided to try them out. The sunglasses totally snagged on my hair! OUCH!  

The last frame shows the hinge wear the snagging occured
 Anywho... back to my hair. After 3 hours in the sun, I untwisted my hair and here is the result.

By the way, my new growth was dry ... but the very end of my relaxed hair was not dry, even though all I put on that area was the TW Curl Sealer. I was hoping for a twist out, but ended up with a different style. I liked it though.


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