Curly Girl on Transitioning Hair: I NEED A PROTEIN TREATMENT!

My hair is sad this week!
She is not as happy as she use to be.
She feels limp and weak.
Something is JUST NOT RIGHT!


I finally figured it out. My hair needs Protein Treatment. Since taking out my cornrow braids, my hair just feels weird. I decided to research what was going on... of course.

What I discovered was that my hair needs a protein treatment. How did I find this out? I did a protein/moisture strand test.

Take a strand of hair, wet, hold it at each end and stretch. If it snaps immediately or stretches very little, you need moisture. If it stretches 20%-30%, you probably have a good moisture/protein balance. If it stretches much more than about 30% and doesn't shorten up again (strand stays all limp and stretched  out) you may need protein. Do a few hairs just to get an average.
So, my results. My hair snapped immediately, meaning that I need to apply more moisture. In some areas it just stretched and stayed stretched...meaning I need a protein treatment. I am going to step up my game by going back to the weekly wash and then do a protein treatment at least twice a month, to see what happens.

Now, what product can I use to do my protein treatment? If anyone is doing the CG method, please comment with the product you use.


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