QOTD: Do you deep condition your hair before or after you shampoo?

I was just thinking about this question while visiting one of my favorite blogger/vlogger, Kinky Curly Coily Me . I decided to post this question on my Facebook page. So, when do you deep condition? Before or After you shampoo?

Here are my findings...

Why some people deep condition BEFORE:
Deep conditioning (DC) before you shampoo your hair is similar to doing a pre-poo. When you do a DC before your hair, it helps with the detangling process. If you use a harsh shampoo that contains ingredients such as sulfates, doing a DC prior will protect your hair against the oil stripping effect of the shampoo.

Why some people deep condition AFTER:
Doing a DC after you wash your hair allows the conditioner to penetrate into clean naked hair that is free of other products such as gels, thick creams, and oils. Since conditioners work on the outside layer of your hair to smoothen, soften and repair the hair cuticles, getting the surface of the hair as clean as possible, helps the effectiveness of this process. Another reason for doing a DC after shampoo is that the conditioning ingredients from your treatment has more lasting effect if not washed away by the shampoo. 

Either way you decide to deep condition, remember that you need adequate time for the product to penetrate into your hair strands. At least 20 mins if doing a DC with heat, and 1 hour if doing it without heat.

When do you Deep Condition your hair, BEFORE or AFTER shampooing?


  1. I do my deep conditioning after I shampoo. I like the feeling of the silky stuff going into my clean, naked hair. Because I use a sulfate free shampoo, it's even better.
    What I need to start doing is leaving the stuff in my hair longer than the prescribed '2-5 minutes' that they usually have on the bottle. Maybe I will try sleeping in it and washing out in the morning. A lot of people say that that way works wonders.
    Great post!

    1. I have left my DC overnight before and it DOES work wonders. The only thing was uncomfortable because of the squishiness of the wet product on my hair. LOL. If I can get past that, I will do it often.

  2. I always deep condition after I shampoo. I love the softening effect of the deep conditioner on my hair. It's my favorite step in the whole wash day routine! :-)

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