How Can You Grow Your Edges Back? | DiscoveringNatural

How Can You Grow Your Edges Back? | DiscoveringNatural

 If your edges has been full in the past and gradually it seems as if you have lost them, it is important to trace your step to see how it happened.

Here is a checklist that can help:

- Do you do tight styles?

- Do you do the same styles where your edges have tension put on them?

- Do you skip moisturizing your edges?

- After washing your face, especially after removing makeup, do you skip moisturizing your hair?

- Do you wear caps/hats/wigs that put tension in your edges?

- Do you use wig glue and gels constantly on your edges?

These issues can cause you to lose your edges. Also, nutrient deficiency such as iron deficiency, even postpartum shedding (hair loss after baby) can  cause hair loss on the edges. Aging can also affect your edges.

Products that can help

1. See your doctor if health related

2. Massage edges with oils such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil with peppermint oil (watch )

3. Try Ayurvedic oils, and even pomades.

Oils like

4. Try Biotin serums like

5. Stop doing tight styles.

6. Moisturize your edges regularly; dry hair along your edges break.

If your edges do not improve after following these suggestions, the hair follicles in that area might be damaged, please see a Trichologist for treatment.

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