Why Your Hair is Breaking and What You Can Do | DiscoveringNatural

Why Your Hair is Breaking and What You Can Do | DiscoveringNatural

Why Your Hair is Breaking and What You Can Do.

Breakage is something everyone struggles with one time or the other during their hair journey. The first thing you should know is there are two main types of hair loss : Breakage and Shedding.

Shedding is normal but can be excessive if caused by health issues, medication, nutrient deficiency and hormonal changes, just to mention a few. Hair loss  due to shedding will have a white bulb at the end. Tips for reducing shedding: https://www.facebook.com/100044525855620/posts/516815743145950/?d=n

Now breakage is another story.

Breakage is usually caused by what we do or don’t do to our hair. 

Here is a checklist to see what is causing your hair breakage:

1. Is your hair dry? 

2. Do you skip moisturizing your hair?

3. Do you use too much protein in your hair?

4. Do you do tight hairstyles?

5. Do you comb hair when it is dry?

6. Do you use heat often?

7. Does your hair need to be trimmed?

8. Do you sleep on cotton pillowcases or don’t cover hair at night? 

When your hair is dry, and you do not moisturize it well, you need to start moisturizing and also know that oils are not moisturizers. 

Learn more about reducing dryness https://www.facebook.com/100044525855620/posts/516658549828336/?d=n

Start with a liquid, then a cream (or oil and cream).

Using too much protein can cause your hair to be dry and brittle, causing breakage. Before you comb your hair, always moisturize it. Comb from ends to the root of the hair. Comb in sections as shown in this video: https://youtu.be/rwYXY3SayJw

Here are more tips for reducing breakage and PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkyO5qDc5RA&list=PLCT7rEmj0XkyPeRXtAHiBDvGC9PC3RJuM

Picture shows hairstyle with no added hair. Tutorial https://youtu.be/d4ITwzlD_vE

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