How to Keep Grey / Gray Hair Moisturized

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During my Instagram Live today on DiscoveringNatural IG page, I got asked "How to keep grey natural hair moisturized". I have just a few grey hair but have not had any issues with moisture with them, so here is what found out in my research. 

Do you have gray hair? Share what you use and your hair routine with us.

CurlMix explains why your gray hair lacks moisture: "In every hair strand we hold, there’s a follicle, which contains pigment cells that produce melanin. Melanin is the super power that allows for our hair to produce colors (such as brown or black or blonde). Over time, the follicle will produce less melanin; it’ll also produce less sebum. Sebum is a natural oil that our scalps produce to keep our hair moisturized as it grows."

"Make sure you are using very moisturizing conditioner, and perhaps include a weekly hair mask in your regimen. Seal in moisture after the shower with a good leave-in conditioner, hair oil or moisture serum. This will calm unruly hair and soften your strands"- Naturcolor

"You can use a spray bottle to spritz your hair and refresh in the morning and then at night you can re-moisturize with water, some kind of daily moisturizing milk, lotion or leave-in and then seal in the moisture with a little bit of you favorite oil or butter. " -

Lastly, some advice from #CurlMix for your #grayhaircare : "With consistent moisturizing of your gray curls, you’re keeping them in shape. If you can’t remember your last deep conditioner, now is the time to treat your curls with that extra dose of moisture!"

Products to try for your gray hair care: 

Maison 276 - Luxury Beauty

Kinky-Curly Leave In:

The Mane Choice

Hair mask:

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