Where Have You Been All My Life?

Shower Mirror

My husband is the most patient person I know. I decided to go on a search for the best shower mirror I could find. There were some things I wanted from the mirror:

(1) Size: Large enough for me to see my entire hair
(2) Fool-Proof Installation
(3) It can't damage my shower wall
(4) and most important: Fog-Resistant

The first store I dragged The Man to was Target, there we found two types of mirrors; each reasonably priced. The most priciest of the two had suction cups. I was not a fan of that one. The second one had Command strips. To me, that was better, so I thought.

I, however, did not buy either of these.

Off we went to the next store, Bed Bath and Beyond. Thinking I would get a better selection and price. Who was I kidding? BB and B is not Target! The price was nearly double and even some were triple that of Target. Haba!!

After posting on Instagram about my search for a shower mirror, someone told me they got one from Walmart, at an even lower price than the same brand was sold at Target. The suction! brand.

Off I dragged this most patient man in the world to Walmart. LOL! He did not complain. I ended up getting this brand, for half the price it cost at Target. YEAH! SCORE!! #MoneyInTheBank

Dear Shower Mirror,

I had the most amazing LONGEST ash Day ever!! I think if I had spent any minute longer in the shower, my family would have called a search party for me. As I cleansed my scalp and my hair, I could see ever part of my scalp and THOROUGHLY cleanse it. I tell you, if you do not have a shower mirror, GET ONE!

I never realized how much my hair curled and coiled when wet. I was so tempted to do a wash and go!! Ha!

As I sit here, I have Black Tea Rinse and SheaMoisture SuperFruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Deep conditioner in my hair and my 30 mins of DC is over. I am so tempted to jump into the shower again. LOL!



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