What Happened at Walgreens

I saw it in my Facebook feed, that SheaMoisture sale. I had missed the CVS BOGO sale, since I had spend all my dough at the Nzuri Hair Festival. I debated, "Should I buy some SheaMoisture?". I know I had to.

Off I went to Walgreens with hopes of just buying the Curl and Style Milk, a product that works very well on my hair and both my girls' hair. We had run out a week ago, and I was now using the Thickening Growth Milk, which was ok, but not as great.

When I got to Walgreens, I saw that the Purification Shampoo. Was my eyes deceiving me?  It was only....

Yeah! So, I put it in my basket.... Happy as can be, I headed to the checkout.

Just to be told by the clerk that.....
YOU CAN ONLY BUY 4, at a time.

Oh well.. so Ladies and Gents, I have left you some SheaMoisture, #GoGetYouSum


  1. The BOGO sale will happen on the 23rd in my area. I went ahead and ordered some products BOGO online today. Hopefully I will see that same clearance sign as well. That shampoo works well on my daughter's hair and is pretty much the only reason I am going next Tuesday. Great haul!

    1. That is awesome. Glad you will be able to benefit from the sale.

  2. I wish we had sales like that in London, I love it when I find something I love and would buy full price on offer or sale. I notice two of the African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoos in your trolley are a different colour, is that common? I have never seen one that wasn't dark brown.

    1. Yes, the difference in color is common in natural products. It is written on the bottles.


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