Traveling with Natural Hair for the Holidays (VLOG VIDEO included)

Traveling with Natural Hair

Our family travelled to Nigeria and one of the things that I had to determine was what style the girls and I would wear. It might seem like an easy decision to some, for me, I had 3 things I wanted from the style.

1. It had to be a style that required no extensions added
2. It needed low manipulation and maintenance
3. It had to be creative.

My style

Originally, I wanted to cornrow my hair similar to this:

However, due to time constraints, I was not able to dedicate time to create the style. I ended up putting my hair in a quick updo. That was very low manipulative and even when I had to restyle it, I only did it once and tweaked the front to look a little different.

The Girls

For Big Sis, I decided to create 3 sections of twists that could be easily restyled into multiple styles. This is crucial because the plan for traveling is to spend time with family, not styling hair. This style, which will be in a later video, worked very well throughout the trip.
Traveling with Natural Hair
Lil Sis's hairstyle was simple medium style twists. The way I packed it was what made the difference, I had to make sure to secure it well, so that this reduces fly-aways and frizzy-ness.

We are vlogging everyday!!


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