2 weeks Mohawk Cornrows and I

Before I start talking about my experience so far with my 2-weeks Mohawk style, I want to apologize to all my Blog readers. I have not being updating regular as I use to do. Mainly, I have been putting most of my #NaturalHair correspondence on my Facebook page and YouTube page.  I post on my Facebook a lot and share so much info. However, I still interact on this page. Hopefully, now that summer break is almost over 4 more days...Woohoo... I will have more time to blog.

Okay... what about my cornrows?

The last time,  I had a Mohawk style, it was while I was transitioning:

I loved it. I only let one person braid my hair... that is my dear friend, MB. I have very tender head and she knows how to handle my hair. Thanks, girl!  This style only lasted a week because I got the itchies!!

This time, when she was cornrowing my hair, I PROMISED to keep it for at least 2 weeks. Oh boy!

By day 7, the annoying itchiness had started! Argh! This time, I decided to not unbraid and wash. I washed it with my shampoo bar, and then moisturized it with a mixture of water + peppermint + leave in conditioner. I made sure to keep my hair moisturized and my ends sealed with shea butter.  This helped! yeah!! 

Now, on day 12, the FRIZZ attack has taken over, I have just 2 more days to go.. so, I will be rocking the hat.. LOL!

On that note....


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