When should I trim my hair?

Have you heard, "Trimming your hair helps your hair grow"?

Well this is a myth, ...sort of...

The thing is that when you trim the ends of your hair that are "damaged", it reduces breakage and split ends, which indirectly helps promote length retention.

If you are however, just trimming hair.. just because you think you have to every couple of weeks, and your ends are okay, then your growth will not show.

Hair is always growing  but when you notice that you are not seeing the growth, it is because you are not "retaining length".

My rule to trimming is: Trim only when necessary, not on a schedule.

When I do trim my hair, here is how I do it:

What do you think?


  1. Couldn't agree with you more. I think the every-6-8-week trim for many of us is a holdover from our relaxed days. And I suppose with relaxed hair you're more likely to have damage, so that makes sense.

    Also relaxed styles often have precise cuts and shapes, so having clean lines is more appealing for some.


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