PonyTail Only Bagging Method on Natural Hair

It's night time and I have been wearing my pony-bun all day long... Time to moisturize and lock in that moisture.

According to CurlyNikki,

The overall purpose of the baggy method is to promote hair growth by locking in moisture. When baggying your ends only, after moisturizing them, length retention is promoted because the ends are not breaking and splitting due to dryness.
This is a good method for people who experience itchiness during the baggying method of the entire head. You can still benefit from baggying your ends.

How to do the PonyTail Only Bagging Method

Spritz some water onto the area that will  be bagged

Moisturize area with some creamy moisturizer or leave in conditioner

Apply some oil to seal in the moisture.

Cover the ponytail section with plastic bag and secure with elastic headband

Protect areas not bagged with your satin scarf or bonnet.

Do you do the baggying method?


  1. I don't do this but I sure am going to try. This is a really good way to keep ends moisturized through the night.

    Alex @ Napturally Lex | My Latest Giveaway

    1. Give it a try. I love waking up to nice moisturized ends.


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