Yeah! It's August; What did you miss in July?

What are your #naturalhair plans for August? Before we even go there, let me tell you what was going on in July on DiscoveringNatural Facebook.

July 1: Natural Hair Struggles
July 2: Fish Tail Braids
July 3: Random Hair Chat
July 4: International Afro Day
July 8: Products that your hair hates
July 9: Natural Hair Art
July 10: Random Hair Chat
July 11: Hair Care Tips
July 12:  Newly Natural
July 15: Mini Twists
July 16: Natural Hair Challenges
July 17: Awkward Hair Length Styles
July 18: Shampoo
July 19: Scalp Health
July 22:  Random Hair Chat
July 23: Thin Fine Hair
July 24: Trimming Natural Hair
July 25: Vintage Hair Styles
July 26: Funny Hair Styles
July 29: Frizz
July 30: Curly Locs
July 31: Three Strand Twists/Twistout

If you missed any of these, just go to the Facebook page and scroll through to the date you missed.

There is so much new stuff going to happen in August; including our weekly Back To School Hair Style series; starring Big Sis, Lil Sis, and Friends!!


  1. very cool topics. Dint even know there was a theme. I was busy with my 31styles at 31places challenge. August will be for proective style, so my hair can "relax"

    1. Oh, yes, I do a topic a day and I mix in other stuff that people ask throughout the day. I'm a A personality person, so I love order, hence why I love doing a topic a day. Today's topic is "Tea Rinses"


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