Smart Hair Products Shopping

Some people think I'm a product junkie, but I classify myself as a smart hair product shopper. If you look in my bathroom, you will find a shelf full of products and my bathroom cabinets exhibit the same qualities.

If you look closer at the picture above, you will notice that most of the products are duplicates.

To be a Smart Hair Product Shopper, you have to first start off with knowing what are the categories of products you need.

Categorizing Products
Below are the categories I use when I shop:
  • Co-washing Conditioners
  • Leave In Conditioners
  • Deep Conditioners
  • Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Clarifying Shampoo
  • Oils
  • Styling Gels
  • Moisturizers
Determining where to shop
There are different places you can shop for hair products, but the main two areas are Online or In-store shopping.

When I shop online, I always makes sure that it is for products that I cannot find in stores, or if they are in stores, the online price plus the shipping cost is below the price in the store. This is the only time when online shopping is justified. The only products I have bought online, so far, are my essential oils and my 1 liter Giovanni Direct Leave In pump bottle.

I love shopping in the store. I even love it more when I have coupons and access to great discounts. Sometimes you can get the best deals in the grocery stores or pharmacy stores, rather than in Beauty Store Shops (BSS). Whenever I enter a store, I first head to the clearance aisle. You never know what you will find. I make sure to bring along any store or product coupons.

There are some products that can only be found in specialize stores geared towards hair and beauty care. These stores usually have high-end products with higher prices. I only venture into these stores if the products are totally worth it. I advice that you try out sample sizes of these products before investing in the high cost.

Is it Worth it?No matter where I shop for products, my #1 question is: Is it Worth it?
I hate wasting money. This is what prevents me from being a hard-core Product Junkie.  If I see a product that I feel that will help in the health and styling of my hair, I first check to see if the product exists in sample size. I test it out and if it works and is something that with repeated buying will not break the bank, then it is worth it. Else... I move on.

Not-so-Smart Shopper Scenario
Linda, a college student with limited funds, goes to her local BSS to pick up a conditioner that has been working for her hair. While browsing through the aisle, she comes across a hair product that has been the rave on various natural hair blogs and YouTube. She checks the price, it is way out of her spending range, but instead of leaving it, she decides to buy it. After trying it, she likes it, and a month later, she has to repurchase, but now, she does not have the funds.

It would have been better not to have bought the products. Was it worth it? Yes, it worked! However, she did have an affordable product that has been working so far. But to continue getting the benefits of the newly purchased product, you need to continue buying it. If you can't afford to continually buy a product, look for other affordable products.

Smart Shopper Scenario
Jennifer has being using Styling Product A for a couple of months now for her twist out and she loves the results. She goes to her local BSS to buy some bobby pins, and sees that Styling Product A is on sale for half the price. She buys two bottles and the bobby pins and leaves the store.
If you have a trusted product and you see it on sale, snag it!! In the long run, you save more money that way.

What are some not-so-Smart and Smart Hair Products Shopping experiences you have had?


  1. my smart hair product buy was when I found my elasta qp soy oyl ultra hydration deep conditioner that was a 32Oz tub for 7.99$ when I usually buy the 15Oz for 5.99. They only had one left so I definitely couldn't leave it.
    My no so smart buy was when I seen the canyu shea butter repair leave-in treatment for about 9.49$ with a pump. I couldn't think off the top of my head at the moment to think how much I really buy it at Walmart. When I got home I was regretting not picking it up. I rather have stuff on hand then when it comes down to the last bit its no where to be found like my staple co-wash conditioner that I still can't find!!!

    1. I know what you mean, whenever I go to the store and see Elasta QP Crème Conditioning Shampoo, I ALWAYS buy it because usually there is usually just one left... it is that good!

  2. great tips!lol at not being a PJ.

    1. Thanks.. really I'm not but my friends think I am ;)

  3. Where do you get your castor oil.from?

  4. Hey. nice info about Smart Hair Products and there are so many hair products are available.

  5. Smart indeed. I'm very picking when it comes to hair products, there's not many of them that can really make it work for my hairdo but that's totally fine because that's the way it should be. Normally I wouldn't use a certain product for long until I see some great results but thanks for your information.

    1. Thanks for reading. I totally understand where you are coming from. It is so encouraging when you find products that work well for you.

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    1. I am glad you found this information useful. Thanks for the compliment.

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