How Too Much Sugar Affects Your Hair


I was researching on how our diet affects our hair growth retention and came across this post from

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Here is one of my Ah-ha moments from that blog post:

Most discourse about hair health focuses on hair products and regimen , but what we consume is actually just as important. 


It has become an accepted concept in the beauty industry that too much sugar is bad for your skin. It can leave your skin prone to breakouts, premature aging, and discoloration. Research has found these effects for your skin and they are widely accepted now, but the relationship between sugar and our hair is not as commonly understood. Sugar has been proven to have negative impacts on the scalp and hair, but the good thing is, you have complete control over how much you consume.


When inflammation is constantly driven by high glycemic and high sugar diets, it messes with the immune system and that is where the high sugar diets are coming more into play with hair health," Dr. Apple Bodemer, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, told The Today Show


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