The LOCO Method of Moisturizing

Move over LOC method, here comes the LOCO method of moisturizing!!

What is the LOCO method of Moisturizing?

This method is quite similar to the LOCS (Liquid-Oil-Cream-Sealing *shea butter). The only difference is that instead of using  thick butter as a sealant, I use a thick Oil.

For some people Shea Butter does not work well in sealing their hair. I decided to try the LOCO method after clarifying my hair.

How is it done?
First, I wet my hair using a mixture of water and Aloe Vera Juice (Liquid), then I applied my Oil mix, I followed up with my Creamy leave in conditioner, Giovanni Direct Leave In, and finally used some Castor Oil  to seal in the moisture.

What I liked most about this method is that my hair was moisturized for the entire week!! Yes!! My twists were also not frizzy. When I untwisted the first round, my twist out was frizz free until I went all crazy with  the fluffing.. LOL!

Here is the results of my twist out.  I went crazy with the unraveling.
Here is the video link:

Have you tried the LOCO method before?


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