"Is My Hair Damaged?" Test

Last week, I read a blog post on CurlyNikki that I feel will be beneficial to all naturals. In the post was a list of questions to use to determine if your hair is damaged.

Take the test below and tell me your results:
How Damaged Is Your Hair?
To assess how damaged your hair is, answer the following questions:
  1. Do you have a loss of elasticity to your hair? Curly and kinky hair should be able to stretch to about 50% of its length before breaking. If it can’t be stretched to this degree without breaking then it has lost some elasticity and tensile strength.
  2. Is your hair breaking? This is related to loss of elasticityMinimal breakage is normal but patches of broken hairs signify more extensive damage.
  3. Does your hair have shine or sheen or does it look dull? While lack of shine or sheen may be a characteristic of healthy hair of some curly hair types on healthy hair a tight cuticle layer reflects light.
  4. Is your hair dry and brittle? Hair becomes brittle when it has lost moisture. Damage to the cuticle and cortex are the main reasons for this brittleness.
  5. Is your hair highly porous? Porosity assess how easily the hair accepts and releases moisture and other substances. Porosity and moisture loss are due to cuticle damage. The cuticle is no longer tightly aligned and providing proper coverage to the hair shaft.
  6. Do you have split ends? Split ends are ruptures that travel up the hair shaft that expose the inner structures of the hair.
  7. Does your hair tangle a lot? Excessive tangling can be due to frayed hair fibers.
 (Source: http://www.curlynikki.com/2014/02/healthy-natural-hair-vs-damaged-hair.html)


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