I have a Confession!

I cannot go more than one week without washing my hair!

I read on different blogs and natural hair forum how some people can do a protective style for more than a week. That was not me... until now.

For the past month, I have been training my hair to not get washed weekly. What was the results?

Well, by the 10th day, my scalp started itching me BADLY. I oiled my scalp to subdue it and by day 12, it stopped... and I push on to day 14.
Here is what my hair looked like on day 12.. it was frizz-city, and I had to handle it by doing this:
Reaction to my "new" look

The next 2 weeks round was actually not too bad, on day 10th, no itchiness. #ThanktheLord

However, despite regular moisturizing and scalp oiling, my scalp was flaking, and my hair felt grimy! I did not like it.

My conclusion:
  For some people like me, I have to wash my hair weekly. My scalp thanks me for this. I cannot remember the last time I had dandruff before this mini-experiement of mine. 'Aint nobody got time for that!  DO WANT IS BEST FOR YOU!

How long do you go before you wash your hair?


  1. I hv been on my hair journey for a year and a month. In the first year I used to wash once a week but now am trying to wash once every two weeks. So far no scalp issues but my hair feels dry a week b4 the next washday and I hv to do daily moisturising. However I love the once in two weeks so far coz it really saves me time. Am very busy at the moment and I don't hv much time for my hair.

    1. Your experience with 2 weeks washing is similar to mine, however, I started having major scalp issues. It was nice to experiment, now, I am just trying to recover from the scalp issues.
      Happy Natural Hair Journey!!


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