DIY Protein Treatment for Shine

I have been researching more natural protein treatments and other hair treatments lately. On my Facebook page and YouTube channel, I always get questions about how to substitute commercial products with products that are readily available. Many of my followers are from places where they cannot buy the well known products like, SheaMoisture, As I Am, Aubrey Organics, and so on. This is why I am very excited about this new series of DIY hair products.

Let's start off the series with a Protein Treatment that can be used on adults and children's hair. I tried it on Lil Sis' hair, AKA Diva Hair, and it liked it! Yeah!

The Recipe:
1 very ripe banana
1 very ripe avocado
2/3 cup of Greek Yogurt
2 tablespoon of  Extra virgin Olive Oil
2 tablespoon raw Honey

Hair was extremely shiny and soft after washing and moisture level was increased throughout the day.

Let's look more in depth at the ingredients of this DIY Protein Treatment

  • Great for hydrating hair that is dry
  • Help relieve itchiness
  • Can help increase the moisture level in hair
  • Reduces frizz in hair
  • Known to help promote growth and reduce hair loss
  • Helps moisturize hair
  • Makes hair shiny

Greek Yogurt (higher protein levels than regular yogurt)
  • Great for hydrating hair that is dry
  • Strength hair
  • Promote hair growth
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Known to help promote growth and reduce hair loss
  • Helps moisturize hair

Raw Honey
  • Attracts moisture by acting as a humectant
  • Softens and smoothens hair by acting as an emollient.



  1. Great post. I live in Canada and now we are beginning to experience the coldness it can offer. My hair looks dull but healthy. Will be attempting your remedy!

  2. I know the banana and yogurt are awesome sources of protein but, again, Im always afraid of residue since I have braids. Right now I use watered down Joico. It works for me.

    Thanks for starting this series. My mother has a TWA and she could benefit. I'm going to send her your way.


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