Stretching Natural Hair with Curlformers

Click to see where I got my curlformers

Today was Wash Day for the girls, and I did not have time to wait overnight for Big Sis to stretch using the banding method of stretching.

Wash Process
Post Wash

  • Created a ponytail on each of the front quadrants and use the pink curlformers on the ends of the ponytails

The whole process took about 30 mins.

After about 2 hours (during this time, I was doing Lil Sis' hair... yeah! for SUPER MOM!!), started to twist each unraveled stretched curlformer. I was amazed by the stretch Big Sis' hair got. It looked as if I blow dried her hair!!

To make this a true protective style, I ended up hiding the ends of the twists. This style is guaranteed to last 2 weeks with proper care.

Don't know how to use curlformers, here is a tutorial:


  1. I tried curlformers on my natural medium length 4c hair and it didn't work so well. Even after smoothing my hair. Either way you did a beautiful job with your baby's hair. I wish you could come comb mine! lol

    Rozlyn P.

    1. Thank! Maybe you can try it with a different product. I find that sometimes, when we try using some tools such as perm rods, curformers, flexirods and so on, you can get different results depending on what you use. What did you use?


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