I'm a No Poo Natural Hair Gal

No Poo???
What is "No Poo"?

Okay, it has nothing to do with your bowels? No Poo means no shampoo. Not using shampoo to cleans your natural hair. For the past 3 months, I have not used shampoo to cleanse my hair.

This is what happened...

As the weather got cooler, I found that whenever I use shampoo, even sulfate-free shampoo, to cleanse my hair, my hair still feels so stripped. I was not sure what was going on. I had always incorporated co-washing (washing with cleansing conditioners) into my regimen, so it was easy for me to be a "No Poo" kind of gal.

I first start off by only co-washing my hair once a week. My hair did okay, but I felt as if everything was not getting cleansed off at the end of  the month. I needed something extra. So, I started incorporating Bentonite Clay Hair Treatment. I loved it!! This treatment cleanses not only my scalp, but also my hair.

The way I know that my hair is completely clean is that my coils are rejuvenated and my hair is shiny. I rarely get build up so it can sometimes be hard for me to figure out if my hair is clean or not.  One change that I made in my mix was adding one tablespoon of Brahmi powder and one tablespoon of Amla powder. These two powder gives me additional umph! To learn more about these powders, click here.

The best part of being a No Poo Gal is that my hair does not feel stripped and I get additional benefit of my hair feeling stronger from the Bentonite clay.

What to know the benefits of Bentonite clay? Click here.


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