Why your hair breaks when you color it

 Hair can break when coloring it due to:

• Damage from chemical processing: Color treatments can strip hair of its natural moisture and cause damage to the hair shaft, leading to breakage.

• Over-processing: Repeated coloring or using too much color product can cause cumulative damage, leading to breakage.

• Hair becomes weakened: Color treatment can cause the cuticle layer to lift, making hair more prone to breakage.

• Incorrect formulation: Using a color product that isn't suitable for your hair type or condition can cause damage and breakage.

To minimize breakage when coloring your hair, it's important to:

• Choose a gentle, ammonia-free color product

• Perform a strand test before applying color to entire head

• Follow instructions carefully and avoid over-processing

• Use a pre-color treatment to protect hair

• Condition hair thoroughly after coloring

Remember, it's essential to be gentle with your hair during and after coloring to prevent breakage.


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