The Evolution of Wash and Go on Natural Hair: What I used

Wash and Go - January 2015
I have always had a love-hate relationship with Wash and Go styles. This type of style can be quite deceptive because by just reading the name, you think all you do is just wash your hair, and .. yeah  go. Well, my friend, that is not so.

The first time I dare to try this style was when I was transitioning. OK.... you can laugh now. Yeah, I know, wash and go works best when your hair is all natural because of the major change in texture.
December 2011
Fast forward to a week after I big chopped, I attempted my wash and go. For this Wash and Go, I used Tresemme Natural Conditioner and Eco styler gel. The crunch was unforgiveable. But I loved it. Click to watch Video of this tutorial.
November 2012
The next time I tried my wash and go was using Giovanni Direct Leave In conditioner and Eco styler gel. I loved it, my hair was not as crunchy. Click here to watch.

December 2012
 The same month, I also tried the style using the Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In and Curls Cashmere Curl Jelly. Click to watch.

December 2012
I took a short leave from doing wash and go and tried other styles like twistout, braidouts, and flat twist outs. However, in April 2013, I decided to give the style another try. This time, I used SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Eco styler gel. For me, this was the final time I would try the style... well until my hair got a little bit longer. Click here to watch.

April 2013
I stayed true to my words and a year later in May 2014, I did another wash and go. I decided to use a full product line just to see how it will work in my hair. I used the Jessicurl line. For more details, click here. Let's just say... well... just click the link and read about what happened.

May 2014
In July 2014, I found Xtreme Wet Gel and decided to tweak my Wash and Go technique. Instead of shingling, I decided to twist and then unravel while my hair was wet. I did not use any conditioner, curling product, I only used castor oil and the gel.  Click to watch.

July 2014

Now, to the present Wash and Go. Yesterday... oh.. yesterday, January 5, 2015. I came to the conclusion that there is really nothing to be afraid of with doing wash and go styles. Yeah... the tangles can be crazy.. but I find that some products combination gives me more tangles than others. I also keep the tangles at bay by doing twists after applying the gel, then unraveling when done. I did not band my hair as I did in the July 2014 wash and go. For this wash and go, I used SheaMoisture Yucca and Baobab Milk and my DIY Flaxseed Gel. My hair was not crunchy and it felt soft. This was the best wash and go I have far.

Still wet...
Once dry...

Will I be doing wash and go in the future? YEP!!! But at night, I will put my hair into chunky twists rather than pineapple. Just helps minimize the tangles.

How do you wash and go? What do you use??


  1. The Yucca and baobab is the bomb! Dry hair drinks it. It is good for every day moisture in this winter dryness. My most favorite Shea Moisture product now.

    1. That is so true. The only thing I don't like about it is the shine, I have to add my own oil before using it to get the desired shine I want. I'm still glad I get the shine from the Curl and Style Milk from SheaMoisture.

  2. I Just watched your Black tea rinse video. When you "cleanse" are you referring to a cowashing or sulfate free shampoo?

    1. Either one because I use a cleansing co-wash conditioner, unlike others that just use any conditioners.

  3. Okay thank you for distinguishing that the is a difference between cowashing with conditioner and those specified as cleansing. I remember you used Edens do you still recommend it?
    I Think this response alone will impact my hair regimen for the better.

  4. I tried making the flax seed gel with a very small yield of product. The action of squeezing the get to separate the seeds failed. The pantyhose developed runs and the seeds mixed in. I did feel it was too thick to strain. Can you make other suggestions? Appreciated in advance.


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