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Wash Day with African Naturalistas

Today, I decided to start testing the African Naturalistas products that was sent to me. I am a weekly blogger for the African Naturalistas blog, so it was wonderful to be able to test out their products on my hair.
 Since this is a new product line, I tested the pH levels so that I can have an idea of how my hair will react... To learn how pH affects here, visit this CurlyNikki blog post. 

I started off by deep conditioning my tangled up hair with the African Naturalistas Deep Conditioner Mayonnaise (pH 5). My hair felt strong and after rinsing it had a soft feeling to it.
African Naturalistas

African Naturalistas

After applying the product to my hair, I put my hair into bantu knots and covered with a plastic bag for an hour and a half.

African Naturalistas


African Naturalistas
Post wash

Then I shampooed with the Black Moisturizing Natural Shampoo (pH 7) and followed up with a 5 mins conditioning with the Moisturising and Detangling Conditioner (pH 2). The shampoo was a bit strong for my hair and my hair felt a bit stripped and tangled after use. The detangling conditioner helped a little but the softness that the deep conditioner put in was gone.
African Naturalistas

I proceeded by oiling my scalp which has been acting up!! Argh !!
Applied the Leave in Conditioner (pH 2) and then twisted my hair with the Twist and Curl Pudding (pH 9). I had to apply some oil to my hair after using the leave in to give it more softness. I wish the consistency of the leave in was less liquid.

African Naturalistas

African Naturalistas

Here is the result:

My hair did feel soft but it was a bit frizzy, so I had to put in in this style for the rest of the day:


  1. When does one know when their hair is over conditioned?


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