Natural Hair Struggles: My Bushy Ends

Like many naturals, I struggle day to day with my ends. The issue with my ends is that when I glide my fingers from the root of my hair to the ends, the texture/smoothness changes about one inch to the ends of my hair.  I had BUSHY ENDS. When I see this, I want to grab the scissor and cut that section off.

Until a month ago...

What happened a month ago? Well, on July 26th 2013, I felt my ends and noticed the bushy feeling again. This was a few weeks after I had taken out the Havana Twists. Because my hair was in those twists, I did not get to moisturize them as well as I use to. Problem #1. On that day, I trimmed about a quarter to half an inch off my ends. My hair felt a bit better. I even did a video on the proper way of fixing dry ends.

Since then, I have been researching how to keep my hair from being bushy at the end. I made sure to study both of my daughters' ends to make sure they did not have the same issue. Big Sis experienced the same issue after having her extensions taken out. Her hair is pretty resilient and after following my dry ends fix technique her ends were back to normal without a trim. Thank God! Lil Sis did get a trim in July, so her ends were okay. I have a mixture of both girls' hair, so I get the Good, the Not so Good, and the Not Not so Good characteristics.

In a lot of natural hair blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, I came across during my research, a lot of people were saying to trim it all off.  I came across a YouTuber, who used Bentonite clay treatment to address her busy ends issues. In the past, I have been quite diligent in doing end of month Bentonite clay treatment, but all summer, I have not ... I guess I was lazy.

I decided to give my hair a Spa Day a week ago (August 25, 2013). Prior to the bentonite treatment, I did an overnight Pre-poo with Coconut oil and Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Oil Heavy Cream. The next morning, I made a mixture of Bentonite Clay, Amla and Brahmi, and other oils, for the treatment.

I also introduced Aloe Vera Juice and Gel back into my hair regimen. Prior to moisturizing my hair on non-wash days, I will spritz it with a mixture of water and aloe vera juice. Then after doing the LOC method, I will apply Aloe Vera Gel and seal my ends with shea butter.

I believe this routine has really saved my ends. I was about to cut off about 2 inches off; that is 4 months of growth. OMG! I am pleased to say that today, 70% of my ends are back to normal (back to normal for me is prior to Havana Twists).
 I HAVE NOT TRIMMED IT...since the last July 26th trim.
DISCLAIMER: In my situation, I don't think trimming would have fixed the issue, proper hair care techniques is what fixed my issue.

Do you have Bushy Ends? What do you do.


  1. I had this problem when I was loose but it did turn out that I needed a trim.

    Afterward my hair not only looked better but I was able to properly moisturize from root to tip.

    1. In some cases, you do need a trim, hence my "Disclaimer".

  2. I transitioned almost 18, and did my BC almost three months ago, and the bushy ends are my only problem. I almost cut them too, but read that they had would only come back that way. I actually did a trim two weeks ago, not much has changed. Interestingly enough someone gave me some Bentonite Clay at the start of Transitioning journey, but have been hesistant because I worry about my hair getting hard. This gave me something to think about though.

  3. Great research on your end, I dont recall the exact remedy but I remember years ago I watched a video KimmayTube did addressing this issue and I think she said it had something to do with ph imbalance and in her case Aloe Vera was the remedy.

    Dee Of Ms Dee Kay

    1. Wow.. that is nice to know. I have to go check out her channel for that video. Hopefully, I can still find it.


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